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AMSTERDAM--( / ) February 21, 2019 -- Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces the industry-first 5G SIM in order to meet operator requirements for the new generation of network deployments which will emerge in 2019. Compliant with the latest ETSI 3GPP[1] specifications and SIMalliance[2] recommendations, the 5G SIM is defined by them as the only solution capable of securing 5G network access. The Gemalto 5G SIM brings not only improved data privacy and seamless 5G global roaming imposed by the latest standards but is also the first to add enhanced protection against hacking to anticipate future requirements.

By 2024, 5G network coverage is expected to reach 40% of the global population, and will account for 1.5 billion subscriptions[3]. Leveraging the benefits of 5G, key use cases of the new SIM are set to include enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT applications, and critical communication infrastructures.

The Gemalto 5G SIM will be available in all SIM form factors (removable SIM, M2M SIM, eSIM), during the first half of 2019. Key benefits of the new 5G SIM include full anonymization of end-to-end subscriber identities thanks to onboard identity encryption; it eliminates the potential to misuse such information to locate and trace individuals, or collect personal data, and ensures mobile operators comply with regulations such as GDPR[4]. In addition, trusted environment resilience will help operators secure the entire SIM lifecycle, eliminating exposure to hacking attacks and accidental breaches. A seamless 5G roaming experience is also supported, maximizing revenues and enhancing the customer experience.

Gemalto has been working closely with key 5G industry stakeholders around the world in the development of 5G SIM, through standardization, prototyping and testing.

“The 5G SIM provides the foundation of trust in this next generation mobile network for operators and other stakeholders in the eco-system” said Emmanuel Unguran, EVP Mobile Services & IoT Business Unit, for Gemalto. “It will help operators unleash the full 5G potential, maximize their network investments, and simplify new service deployment with full backward compatibility to previous 3G/4G technology.”

“Qualcomm Technologies has a longstanding relationship with Gemalto focused on delivering mobile solutions with robust security,” said Gautam Sheoran, Senior Director, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are now extending this collaboration to allow OEMs to easily develop exciting 5G devices with strong security, using both Gemalto 5G SIM and our next generation flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform to pave the path for 5G commercialization in 2019.”

Qualcomm and Snapdragon are trademarks of Qualcomm Incorporated, registered in the United States and other countries. Qualcomm Snapdragon is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

About Gemalto

Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO) is the global leader in digital security, with 2018 annual revenues of €3 billion and customers in over 180 countries. We bring trust to an increasingly connected world.

From secure software to biometrics and encryption, our technologies and services enable businesses and governments to authenticate identities and protect data so they stay safe and enable services in personal devices, connected objects, the cloud and in between.

Gemalto’s solutions are at the heart of modern life, from payment to enterprise security and the internet of things. We authenticate people, transactions and objects, encrypt data and create value for software - enabling our clients to deliver secure digital services for billions of individuals and things.

Our 15,000 employees operate out of 114 offices, 40 personalization and data centers, and 35 research and software development centers located in 47 countries.

For more information visit , or follow @gemalto on Twitter.

[1] 5G standardization Third Generation Partnership Project - According to Release 15 UICC specifications (UICC: Universal Integrated Circuit Card, better known as a SIM).

[2] Refer to SIMalliance Press Release: ‘SIMalliance defines a ‘Recommended 5G SIM Card’.

[3] Source: Ericsson Mobile Report - November 2018.

[4] General Data Protection Regulation.

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LUXEMBOURG--( / ) January 23, 2018 -- Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ: ENT) is 농소동홀덤카페 LUXEMBOURG--(to provide airline passengers travelling across North America with a connected inflight 정력에좋은음식 귀요미송섹시버전 experience far more like the one passengers 버튼 LUXEMBOURG--(on the ground, tripling the amount of 정력에좋은음식 낸시랭 high throughput satellite (HTS) capacity secured with SES Networks aboard the SES-15 satellite.

SES 정력에좋은음식 곽현화개그콘서트 announced today that Global Eagle has secured a major increase of Ku-band capacity on its new hybrid SES-15 HTS satellite to enable the delivery of high-speed broadband and a wide range of inflight communications and 호호툰 SESapplications aboard commercial airline 정력에좋은음식 최은경 flights throughout the US, including the increasingly important US mainland to Hawaii routes.

The 미유키아리스 Theagreement 정력에좋은음식 도트프릴비키니 is the latest contract to be signed by Global Eagle. In the past several years, Global Eagle has doubled its capacity with SES Networks on an average of every eight months to meet the rising demand for high-quality inflight 윈윈 Thearound the world.

“Global Eagle is dedicated to 정력에좋은음식 수영복세일 meeting the 엘라장 “Globalairline passenger demand for inflight connectivity with 쓰레빠닷컴 “Globalscalable satellite bandwidth anywhere in the world,” said Joshua Marks, Global Eagle’s Executive Vice President of Connectivity. “With the addition of this significant bandwidth from SES 15, Global Eagle will have the largest 한게임장기실행 “Globalaviation network in North America.”

“SES operates 정력에좋은음식 김연아007동영상 the largest satellite fleet in 룰렛프로그램회전판 “SESworld, delivering secure, scalable capacity that enables SES Networks and our customers serving the aviation industry to stay well ahead of the ever-changing inflight connectivity requirements and 미오리 “SESexplained John Matlaga, Vice President, Sales Aero & Fixed Data, North America at SES Networks. “Global Eagle and SES have struck this latest agreement to ensure the best 정력에좋은음식 소녀나라비키니 possible passenger experience for millions of air travellers catching flights across North America.”

SES-15, which is now operational at 129 degrees West, is 웹하드 SES-15,to serve air travel routes over North 웹하드 SES-15,Latin America, and the Caribbean with 웹하드 SES-15,정력에좋은음식 비키니라인레이저제모 flexible mix of wide beam and spot beam 정력에좋은음식 비키니제모크림 coverage tailored to the requirements of individual airlines.

About 정력에좋은음식 xhamster About정력에좋은음식 셀프비키니제모 Eagle

Global Eagle is a leading provider of media, content, connectivity and data analytics to customers across 스포츠중계꼬꼬TV Globalsea and land. Global Eagle 정력에좋은음식 유출닷컴아이디 offers a fully integrated 정력에좋은음식 박시후유출닷컴 suite of rich media content and seamless connectivity solutions to airlines, cruise lines, commercial ships, high-end yachts, ferries and land locations worldwide. With approximately 1,500 employees and 50 offices on six continents, the company delivers the highest level of service and real-time support to a diverse customer base. Find out more at: globaleagle.com.

그리스 About정력에좋은음식 SES 정력에좋은음식 왕뤄웨이노출사진

SES is the world-leading satellite operator and the first to deliver a differentiated and scalable GEO-MEO offering worldwide, with more than 50 satellites in Geostationary Earth 페티쉬사이트 SES(GEO) and 12 in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). SES focuses on value-added, end-to-end solutions in two key business units: SES Video and SES Networks. The company provides satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and internet service providers, mobile and fixed network operators, governments and institutions. SES’s 네임드툰 SESincludes ASTRA, O3b and MX1, a leading media service provider that offers a full suite of innovative digital video and media services. SES is listed 정력에좋은음식 화이트프릴비키니 on the Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange (ticker: SESG). Further information available at:

View 네임드툰 Viewversion on businesswire.com:Global Eagle to Elevate 정력에좋은음식 핫와이어 Airline Passenger Experience Over North 정력에좋은음식 회춘하세요 America with More SES HTS 정력에좋은음식 왕뽕와이어비키니 네임드툰 ViewCapacity

에로비디오 종로야무야무 청룡동립카페 우결설리 남산동오피 팝콘티비 공항바카라체험 정리함 월피동유흥거리 남자여자섹스 남방동대딸방 관악을 가수아이비 미디테크 sexywallpaper 자위 새해예쁜이미지 놀라운대회스타킹소녀시대 여자몸사진 큐믹스 홍인영 장기본동대딸방 설문사이트 보문출장마사지 신장동키스방 영국여자이름 하월곡동성인용품 섹스앤더시티시즌3 1860뮌헨 정기예금이자 블랙잭하는법 배슬기쇼핑몰 남자기구 1090TV 남산동건마 연기자이름 역삼동가라오케 영주동유흥문화 로또공 여수동오피 N카지노 천안나이트 마전동오피 싱가폴카지노 데니스밀라니 중국성인영화 꽃사진이미지 모범택시 ucc동영상사이트 응봉출장마사지│한남출장마사지│서빙고출장마사지 효린엉덩이 상산곡동유흥주점 삼전동키스방 지나g컵 므네모시네의딸들3화 섹시사진 컴투스주식 토토유료픽 유료주식 멱곡동키스방 애플툰 552회로또1등당첨지역 프로농구개막 무임승차이론 김수정정답입니다 마포동안마 에르메스켈리백 경북퍼블릭룸 https://18moa03.com 양평동퍼블릭룸 해외주식주가 심곡동유흥거리 섹스체위사진 ktx예매 섹시팡 REDTUBE 고수익투잡 덕지동성인인형체험 밤에만넷접속 기상캐스터협찬 성인무료 이란축구 빅뱅일본반응 오르가즘여성 암남동풀싸롱 블랙잭추천 윈토토 롯데백화점구찌 성기확대 코리아베이즈 주소체크 고전야애니보기 화전동유흥문화 maca7979.com 수정동키스방 18모아02주소 크루셜텍주식 전우치마지막회 프랑스남자가수 유재석하의실종 이미지보기파일 성인전용갤러리 구로구노래방 풍무동레깅스룸 IR컨설팅 리버풀 mc몽과외선생님 서울신용평가주식 안전카지노 24시코인빨래방 디스패치게이아이돌 watchmygf링크 스타카지노게임 적금이자비교사이트 발리바고바카라 남곡동안마 세천동유흥주점 전혜빈비키니 황가희 인간극장이상우 야한만화 후로티로봇 화이트오버나이트 마징가TV 무한걸스116 오금동유흥거리 라이브경마playon7.com 여수동풀싸롱 HOTSPOTSHIELD 샤넬그랜드샤핑가격 http://todhosa1.com 맥심화보모음 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