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DUBAI, UAE--( / ) August 25, 2015 -- Pacific Control Systems (PCS), the world leader in Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions, announced that it has invested $20 million into WSO2, an open source cloud application development and middleware company. Further to this investment, Mr. Dilip Rahulan, Executive Chairman of PCS, will join the WSO2 board of directors.

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Joined by Toba Capital, a venture firm focused on enterprise software and infrastructure, the investment will support WSO2 to meet increasing demand from professional developers for its comprehensive, open source middleware platform.

PCS, a world leader in Managed Services, is a pioneer in the convergence of networked computing and large scale data management with real time machine intelligence and is driving the integration of physical and virtual worlds.

WSO2 provides service-oriented architecture (SOA) solutions for building, integrating, managing, securing and analyzing companies’ APIs, applications, and Web services?on-premises, in the cloud, on mobile and IoT devices.

Mr. Dilip Rahulan said: “Pacific Controls’ investment in WSO2 further extends the strategic relationship between the two organizations. Pacific Controls leveraged its revolutionary software platform Galaxy-2021 together with WSO2 to offer end-to-end enterprise cloud computing solutions to global customers. The Galaxy-2021, designed using a state-of-the-art Services Oriented Architecture, enables end-to-end managed services for smart cities.”

“As a customer, we have experienced the unique advantage of WSO2’s comprehensive open source platform. Using WSO2’s modular middleware products, built from the ground up to work together seamlessly, we have been able to accelerate our solution delivery and address the broad range of demands required to connect IoT with enterprise systems. WSO2 has remarkable potential to reshape how enterprises adapt their applications and services to today’s demands,” he added.

Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana, Founder, CEO and Chief Architect of WSO2, said, “With the investment by Pacific Controls and Toba Capital, we can now strategically accelerate our ability to deliver on this vision. WSO2 will use the growth financing to advance the worldwide delivery of next-generation middleware solutions that address new business and IT models fueled by APIs, IoT, mobile computing, and the cloud.”

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NEW YORK--( / ) April 21, 펀툰 홍수아비키니 2015 -- Coty Inc. (NYSE:COTY) announced today that Elio Leoni Sceti, a seasoned fast-moving consumer goods executive, will join Coty as Chief Executive Officer. Bart Becht, Coty’s current interim CEO and 펀툰 Chairman, will remain Chairman 투니팡 NEW펀툰 NEW에로 섹스하는장면 transition.

Mr. Leoni Sceti brings a 일본성인사이트 Mr.track record of devising and executing corporate strategies to build global brands and achieve strong financial results at 펀툰 김아중f컵 consumer-oriented companies ranging from EMI 에로 철퍼덕하우스f컵 Music to 펀툰 누드집 the Iglo Group, where he currently serves as CEO. At the Iglo Group, Europe’s leading frozen food company, 혈통정보 Mr.worked closely with colleagues to successfully reframe the company’s growth and investment models behind the “Better Meals Together” strategy, turning the market share trends on its core Birds Eye, Iglo and Findus brands. 에로 한송이세얼간이노출 Under his leadership, Iglo captained an industry 에로 브이걸노출 redefining Corporate Social Responsibility program, 야동다운로드 Mr.on the benefit of freezing to reduce food waste.

As CEO of EMI Music, he combined his passion for global consumer branding and media with the love the music industry has for creative talent, successfully returned the company to revenue growth and expanded profit 에로 아줌마섹스 margins, reversing previous declines. He led EMI’s transformation from a traditional record 야동다운로드 Asinto a consumer-led music company, helping 스타스포츠 Asthe global success of established and new artists, such as Coldplay, Katy Perry and David Guetta, and building the global reach of catalogue masterpieces like the digital remaster of the Beatles full collection. Mr. Leoni Sceti also worked for P&G 펀툰 and subsequently for 16 years in various marketing and senior leadership roles at Reckitt Benckiser (RB), where 에로 만지기게임 he 펀툰 19레드 oversaw both the North 펀툰 유유조아 American, European and Global Categories during his tenure and consistently outperformed the industry in terms of both revenue and profit 에로 음악무료다운로드 growth.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Elio to 에로 광고가 the top position at Coty,” 독특한야동 “WeMr. Becht. “Elio’s significant experience and proven track record in building successful, global brands will be a tremendous asset to Coty as it 펀툰 게스언더웨어파티 continues to 펀툰 게스언더웨어홈페이지 enhance its position in the Global Beauty industry. I have known Elio on a professional level for many years, dating back to our days together at RB, and I 클리흡입진동기추천 “Webelieve he is the right leader to oversee the next stage of Coty’s development.”

“I am honored and excited to be joining Coty at this important juncture in the company’s growth,” said Mr. Leoni Sceti. “Coty combines my love for building global brands with a 펀툰 시크릿토이 passion for innovation and great products that connect with consumers at an emotional level. I 펀툰 에로 섹파매칭 “Ithere is an incredible opportunity to build upon Coty’s established, leading global platform throughout the world, and I look forward to working with all the company’s employees to build upon the amazing collection BURN “ICoty global brands 에로 TV스포츠중계방송 and beauty platforms.”

“I am 에로 마블TV also thrilled to 에로 비비안로즈버드 어현동홀덤 “Iworking 펀툰 털보TV again with Bart as my Chairman at Coty. I 펀툰 hugely respect Bart’s vision and guidance, and look forward to working with him. I am 에로 신세경키 very much looking forward to 펀툰 올림픽TV taking Coty to new heights.”

As CEO of Coty, Mr. Leoni Sceti, whose official start date will be July 1st, 2015, will be responsible dKsaaqD As펀툰 놀고가 overseeing the growth of the company’s portfolio of leading brands in the fragrances, color cosmetics and skin and body care categories. His expertise in effectively 펀툰 핑클화이트 managing multiple global businesses 에로 핑클노래 across several industries 주천면포커 Asserve as a significant asset for Coty, as the company’s leading brands are now sold in more than 130 countries and territories.

Mr. Leoni Sceti, 49, is currently an independent member of the board of directors 펀툰 카지노부대 of Anheuser-Busch InBev 인월면풀팟홀덤 Mr.he will remain as a non-executive board member of Iglo Group. He serves as Chairman of Beamly, a social and content 에로 박민영졸업사진 discovery platform around television, and as Chairman of 대치동홀덤대회 Mr.Holdings, an investment and advisory boutique. Mr. Leoni Sceti is also a counselor at One Young World, a global forum 에로 mistymacallister bringing together future leaders from more than 160 countries.

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Coty is a leading beauty company with net revenues of $4.6 billion for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014. Founded in Paris in 1904, Coty is a pure play beauty company with a portfolio of well-known fragrances, color cosmetics and skin & body care products sold in over 130 에로 강소라수영복 countries and territories. Coty’s product offerings include such global brands as adidas, Calvin Klein, Chloe, DAVIDOFF, 에로 다소곳사진 Marc Jacobs, OPI, 야동사이트추천 CotyPlayboy, Rimmel and Sally Hansen.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution 펀툰 슈기 network