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MONTIGNY-LE-BRETONNEUX, FRANCE--( / ) June 13, 2018 -- Bertin has developed the new multiprobe military survey meter (with the expertise of Saphymo*) under a contract awarded by the French Defense Procurement Agency. This latest generation portable monitor is designed to detect and measure radioactivity in harsh environment. Two years of research and development led to the launch of the SaphyRAD MS (also called DOM 420 by the French Army).

Its wide range of innovative probes covers the needs of all Army corps and emergency teams (including HAZMAT** teams for hazardous materials management). The SaphyRAD MS thus searches and locates real-time radioactive sources in the environment and measures contamination on all surfaces. Following a nuclear incident or accident, the SaphyRAD MS carries out the first checks, particularly on people and/or vehicles. Thanks to its integrated simulation mode, users can be trained in real conditions, without using radioactive sources. The robust design of the SaphyRAD MS has been specially thought out for use with CBRN*** protection equipment. Its ergonomic interface allows fast use even by non-specialists to measure radioactivity.

With the development of this new military radiation meter, Bertin has improved its existing CBRN*** threat detection and identification range, providing complete systems to the Armed Forces and civil security agencies (rapid response teams, public health and emergency services. The production launch is scheduled for the end of 2018.

* acquired in 2015, since merged with Bertin Technologies

** HAZardous MATerials

***Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear [CBRN]

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AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND / TOKYO--( / ) 딸북스 팬티노출 May 딸북스 콘돔 14, 2018 -- Vista Group International (NZX 남성갱년기치료 발기부전처방전 & 여캠bj AUCKLAND,VGL), the world’s leading provider of 남성갱년기치료 진짜사나이 software solutions 딸북스 우리결혼했어요 for the global film industry, has 남성갱년기치료 signed Aeon Entertainment Co Ltd (‘Aeon’), its wessex AUCKLAND,customer in Japan. Japan is one of the “top 5” film exhibition markets in the world by Box Office revenue.

무료섹스 This딸북스 비아그라 필름 press release 남성갱년기치료 features multimedia. View the full 딸북스 오줌 release here:

토토센터 VistaGroup companies Vista Entertainment Solutions (‘Vista Cinema’) and Movio, will provide 딸북스 천연비아그라 수박 their respective cinema management and marketing data analytics software solutions to Aeon 남성갱년기치료 who operate 91 딸북스 아드레닌 정품 cinema sites throughout Japan comprising 774 screens.

The Agreement represents the 딸북스 씹질 realisation 남성갱년기치료 타다라필 5mg 가격 of a long-time goal for Vista 남성갱년기치료 여고생자위 Cinema, which has grown its global market share in the large circuit market to 38% over 20 years - but without the inclusion of Japan. The 수아넷 Thenegotiation of the Agreement conducted over more than two years was achieved 남성갱년기치료 남성 다이어트 보조제 with the support of Vista’s in-market Business Partner VINX Corporation 토렌트큐큐 Thewho will continue to work with Vista to execute the new Agreement including the deployment of Vista’s software and on-going support.

VINX has established a new cinema division with a focus on selling and supporting Japanese exhibitors. “Our partnership with 딸북스 정력에좋은 Vista has initiated 딸북스 전립성비대증 this new division within VINX and we’re very excited about the opportunity it represents. It is difficult to promote the foreign software package in Japan since we have developed customised systems for every customer. 토렌트큐큐 VINXpartnership will allow us not only to expand our business together 남성갱년기치료 트리믹스주사 in Japan, but also it will help us enhance our global strategy. I am convinced that this Agreement will be the very first step 남성갱년기치료 시알리스정10MG of a great development and success for the Japanese cinema industry,” says Toshiya Fujita, President of VINX.

“With perseverance, determination and hard work and with the support of our partner VINX Corporation, we’ve finally realized our long-term goal of establishing the Vista 남성갱년기치료 brand in Japan,” said Kimbal Riley, Chief Executive of 딸북스 도포마취제 Vista Group. “With the implementation of Vista Cinema’s industry-leading cinema management software system and Movio’s 토렌트큐큐 “Withmarketing data insights and solutions, Aeon will absolutely enhance its leadership position. We are humble and grateful to partner with an organization with the reputation and 딸북스 standing that Aeon holds in Japan and our experience of Aeon is that they are a devoted and extraordinary team of cinema professionals.”

The combination of Vista Loyalty and Movio is the high-end solution 딸북스 무협만화추천 미유님 Thefor Aeon; the integration of the two 딸북스 SURGISEAL products enhances the capture of data and marketing analytics and audience insights to enable the execution 남성갱년기치료 프라임비뇨기과 of optimally-targeted and integrated marketing campaigns. Aeon’s Loyalty program and Box Office return is expected 남성갱년기치료 팽창형임플란트 to accelerate using 딸북스 SURGICEL Vista Loyalty and Movio together.

The 남성갱년기치료 roll-out of the Vista Cinema 남성갱년기치료 조루수술효과 오른손 TheMovio solutions for Aeon will be 초음파젤 Theby February 딸북스 인간실격 2020. 남성갱년기치료

About 남성갱년기치료 시노비안 딸북스 시노비안 씨알리스정 About딸북스 달콤한유혹 테스토스테론주사 About

VINX Corp has been 딸북스 드라이문트 sextv VINXthe 남성갱년기치료 무료만화책 retailing IT revolution in Japan and leading the standardization of retail systems as an expert in IT. VINX keeps creating innovative products and services by taking advantage of the know-how and long experience gained since 1991 in the retail industry while also providing high 딸북스 베아리모 quality IT services to domestic and foreign countries, bringing together the power of the Fujisoft Group. With more than 1,250 employees, VINX has developed ‘Cross-border IT Solutions’ 남자자위기구입구매사이트 VINXsolve overseas issues related to the IT of retailing companies, boasting Japanese quality and providing network construction among Japanese, Chinese and other Asian countries. To fully support the ‘China and ASEAN Strategy’ of the Japanese retailing industry, VINX has established affiliates 야세라티 VINXChina, Malaysia, and Vietnam, and has expanded businesses in Asia to carry out offshore development in the field, and equipment procurement in local areas.

우머나이저에이치플레이종류 Website:남성갱년기치료 팽창형보형물삽입술 딸북스 팽창형보형물삽입술

About Vista 신곡동홀덤 About남성갱년기치료 JTdiUmB About딸북스 레비트라 구매

Vista Group International (Vista Group) is a public company, listed on both 맥금동고스톱 Vista돈의동화투치기 VistaZealand and Australian stock exchanges (NZX & ASX: VGL). The Group provides software and 남성갱년기치료 로라타딘 additional technology solutions across the global film industry. Cinema management software is provided by Vista Cinema, the core business of the Group. Movio (authority in moviegoer data analytics), Veezi 딸북스 필름형 비아그라 복용법 (cloud-based SaaS software for the Independent Cinema Market), movieXchange (connecting the movie industry to simplify the promotion and sale of movie tickets), Maccs (film distribution software), Numero (box office reporting software for film distributors and cinemas), Cinema Intelligence (business intelligence solutions), Powster (creative studio and marketing platform for movie studios) and Flicks (moviegoer ‘go to’ portal for movie information) provide an innovative range of complementary products across additional film industry sectors, from production and distribution, to cinema exhibition through to the moviegoer experience. Vista Group has offices located in New Zealand (Auckland HQ), Sydney, Los Angeles, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Mexico City, South Africa, the Netherlands and Romania.

삼학동홀덤대회 Website:남성갱년기치료 EYESHIELD 딸북스 EYESHIELD

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About 남성갱년기치료 이디포스정 딸북스 이디포스정 Vista 오피걸스동인지 망가) About남성갱년기치료 유니그라정 딸북스 유니그라정 밤열한시닷컴 About

Vista Entertainment 꿀떡넷 VistaLtd (‘Vista Cinema’) is the world leader in cinema management software solutions with installations in more than 90 남성갱년기치료 프레드니솔론 countries around the world and an estimated 38% global market share in the Large Cinema Circuit market. The Vista Cinema software product 딸북스 겐타 line comprises multiple modules, 딸북스 덱사메타손 integrated and scalable, suited to cinema exhibitors operating 20+ screens and 100s of cinemas. Vista Cinema is head-quartered in Auckland, 딸북스 알라 엘라장 VistaZealand.

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십구센치 LinkedIn:남성갱년기치료 카마그라젤 딸북스 카마그라젤

여캠방 19 About딸북스 여캠방 19 About남성갱년기치료 딸북스

Movio, a company of Vista Group International (NZX 여캠방 19 Movio,AXS: bjt Movio,is the global 딸북스 leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions, revolutionizing the way the film industry interacts with moviegoers. With a global database of over 100 million 딸북스 퀵플루 moviegoers, 750 million behavioral and transactional records and more than 5000 movie titles, Movio is the world’s most comprehensive source 남성갱년기치료 정로환 of moviegoer data. The company’s investment in data science and machine learning has produced market-leading technologies 남성갱년기치료 아미노산제제 that redefine the possibilities of movie marketing. Movio empowers 일본성인방송 Movio,to connect moviegoers with their ideal movie via online and offline channels, and link campaign data with actual ticket purchases to close the loop and measure campaign effectiveness.

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섹스야 Twitter:남성갱년기치료 물사마귀없애는법 딸북스 물사마귀없애는법 @MovioHQ 딸북스 물사마귀제거

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