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NEW YORK--() November 13, 2013 -- Kensh?(), a provider of next-generation data analytics for investment managers and research analysts, announced today that they will be the first professional-grade analytics platform built completely on NASDAQ OMX FinQloud(), a cloud computing platform designed exclusively for the financial services sector and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Kensh? is building tools to enable every financial professional - not just quantitative analyst, programmers and data scientists at the largest institutions - to ask and answer hard questions about global events and their effects on securities prices.

Kensh? allows clients to compute massive data sets in real-time and achieve split second investment analysis through sophisticated distributed computing environments and ground-breaking visualizations. FinQloud provides the cost efficiency, scalability, and capabilities that are essential for Kensh?‘s next-generation data analytics. Using Kensh?’s intuitive tools, clients can stress-test portfolios, explore and test investment ideas, and discover persistent pricing anomalies without relying on complex statistical modeling languages or expensive quantitative finance resources. Running on FinQloud, Kensh? can instantly bring supercomputing to finance professionals in small and large firms alike so they can benefit from capabilities that were previously available to only a few banks and hedge funds.

“Consumer technology companies have put enormous power in the hands of all of us, and we at Kensh? believe it‘s time to bring that power to the financial workplace. Kensh?’s statistical computing and financial risk analysis applications are providing the next generation terminal in the cloud,” said Daniel Nadler, Co-Founder and CEO of Kensh?. “We are thrilled to explore this strategic partnership with NASDAQ OMX FinQloud and to leverage their leadership position in global markets.”

“FinQloud offers a platform for innovation to create dramatically better tools, without the overhead of massive infrastructure investment,” said Julia Sears, Associate Vice President of FinQloud at NASDAQ OMX. “We are pleased to host Kensh? as our relationship enables the FinQloud ecosystem to serve as a one-stop financial technology infrastructure destination where those who build systems have access to everything they need.”

Kensh?'s cloud computing technologies are currently used by financial professionals at dozens of other leading institutions representing bulge-bracket banks and major buy-side companies. Kensh? currently has over 3,000 users from many of the largest institutions on Wall Street using its pre-beta tools, and launched its first professional product on November 1st, 2013. Kensh?, powered by FinQloud, will continue to introduce new ways to bring Silicon Valley to Wall Street with premier West Coast engineers whose expertise will disrupt capital markets analytics technology.

About Kensh?:

Kensh? combines high-speed parallelized algorithms, distributed computing and advanced visualization to create a new class of analytics tools for capital markets. Addressing the three biggest challenges surrounding financial analysis on Wall Street today?speed, scale, and automation? Kensh?'s statistical computing and financial risk analysis applications are providing the next generation analytics terminal in the cloud, and every financial professional with capabilities previously available only to a few elite hedge funds and bulge-bracket quantitative analysts.

Founded in the spring of 2013 out of MIT, Harvard, and Stanford, Kensh?'s senior team members come from veteran positions at Google, Apple, Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and the United States Federal Reserve.

We are a diverse and spirited group of engineers, scientists, and financial professionals who are accomplished analytical thinkers and passionate problem solvers. Together, our multi-talented team includes PhD physicists, International Math Olympiad finalists, PhD economists, ex-Googlers, the author of Quantitative Finance for Physicists, a member of the original Apple iPhone operating system development team, and one of the youngest ever entrants to Harvard College (age 15).

We are proud of individual accomplishments, as well as the collaborative environment we‘ve built, and what we’re capable of as a team.

About FinQloud:

NASDAQ OMX FinQloud, powered by Amazon Web Services, is a cloud computing platform designed exclusively for the financial services sector. FinQloud offers a suite of storage and compute services, including R3 which combines AWS cloud computing expertise with enhanced security from NASDAQ OMX to provide cost-effective and efficient management, storage and processing of financial data. FinQloud helps firms significantly reduce the operational costs and complexities associated with data and infrastructure management - enabling more effective deployment of scarce resources.

A product of NASDAQ OMX‘s unique financial technology domain expertise and Amazon’s flexible and cost-effective cloud infrastructure, R3 enables financial market participants to benefit from the economic and performance advantages of cloud computing, in a manner designed to help firms comply with regulatory requirements. Flexible, reliable and highly scalable, FinQloud is fully-managed and designed to immediately help firms reduce their technology burden, and refocus resources on revenue driving activities, even as data volumes and regulatory initiatives continually rise. To learn more visit or contact FinQloud@nasdaqomx.com


The inventor of the electronic exchange, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc., fuels economies and provides transformative technologies for the entire lifecycle of a trade - from risk management to trade to surveillance to clearing. In the U.S. and Europe, we own and operate 26 markets, 3 clearinghouses and 5 central securities depositories supporting equities, options, fixed income, derivatives, commodities, futures and structured products. Able to process more than 1 million messages per second at sub-40 microsecond speeds with 99.99% uptime, our technology drives more than 70 marketplaces in 50 developed and emerging countries into the future, powering 1 in 10 of the world's securities transactions. Our award-winning data products and worldwide indexes are the benchmarks in the financial industry. Home to approximately 3,400 listed companies worth $6 trillion in market cap whose innovations shape our world, we give the ideas of tomorrow access to capital today. Welcome to where the world takes a big leap forward, daily. Welcome to the NASDAQ OMX Century. To learn more, visit nasdaqomx.com. Follow us on Facebook () and Twitter (). (Symbol: NDAQ and member of S&P 500)

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

The matters described herein contain forward-looking statements that are made under the Safe Harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These statements include, but are not limited to, statements about FinQloud and NASDAQ OMX‘s other products and offerings. We caution that these statements are not guarantees of future performance. Actual results may differ materially from those expressed or implied in the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties or other factors beyond NASDAQ OMX’s control. These factors include, but are not limited to factors detailed in NASDAQ OMX's annual report on Form 10-K, and periodic reports filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. We undertake no obligation to release any revisions to any forward-looking statements.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

GENOA, ITALY--( / ) November 01, 2017 -- Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Voyages 누드모델 가요대전선예 President and CEO Tom McAlpin hosted a ‘Ship Tease’, where key details were revealed 코코미나루세사용후기 GENOA,what sailors can expect on the first of three ships, coming to the high seas in 2020. Live from Fincantieri’s shipyard in Genoa, Italy, they also celebrated VIP알바 GENOA,laying of 소라바다야사 빅토리아글래머 the keel 소라바다야사 연금복 for the first ship, marking the commencement of construction.

Sir Richard and Tom McAlpin arrived on 누드모델 로떠 stage 중구성인게임장 Sira 200-foot crane drop, in true Virgin style. They were joined by Bain Capital 소라바다야사 채연둘이서 Chairman 누드모델 채연움짤 Stephen Pagliuca and Fincantieri’s Alberto Maestrini to weld qumQFXRS Sircoins 소라바다야사 akb48살인사건 into the keel for 종로6가고스톱 Sirluck and smooth sailing. 소라바다야사 대박복권

Richard expressed excitement that construction is now 소라바다야사 귀여운미소녀 underway. “This is a very big day for Virgin Voyages, as an exciting new holiday option for travelers starts to get 소라바다야사 미소녀만지기 ship shape. She will be 누드모델 꿈과행운의숫자 the most recognizable ship sailing the 소라바다야사 오늘로또운세 seven seas, delivering an 누드모델 나눔파워볼 irresistible sailor experience. We’re also committed to making sure our crew are 오금동화투치기 Richardhappiest at sea and will be proud to sail with 누드모델 강지영담배 us.”

Tom McAlpin shared specifics on the Virgin 나운동홀덤카페 Tomdesign philosophy and experience. 누드모델 해피아이돌쿠폰 “The entire ship will be built with an attention to detail, reflecting the craftsmanship and materiality inspired by super yachts. Designed to feel more intimate and connected to the sea, 86 percent of all cabins will feature a 비트코 Tomterrace and 93 percent an ocean view. Virgin Voyages is creating a sophisticated ship and 소라바다야사 a transformational experience that offers our sailors a place where rejuvenating day-life meets exciting nightlife and everything in 소라바다야사 효린이사람반복듣기 between.”

In a bold and unique move for the industry, McAlpin then gave details that the first 누드모델 e컵브라 ship’s experience will be “Adult 소라바다야사 화성인바이러스v걸오시은 By Design” - meaning that sailors must be at least 18 or 야한망가 Into 국내성인용품 InThe decision was driven by feedback from future sailors and travel professionals, who are looking 먹튀신고/검증사이트 Ina more elevated and premium experience, with a few Virgin style surprises.

The world 청담동클럽사진 Thegot its first glimpse of the ship’s distinct 누드모델 화성인e컵녀 livery, which will feature a sleek silvery-grey hull, with smoked glass, and of course, 소라바다야사 세얼간이v걸노출 distinctive touches of red. The livery was conceptualized by Ben Christie and David Azurdia from the multi-award-winning Magpie Studio in London. RWD from Beaulieu England, who are leaders in super yacht design, created the iconic red Virgin funnel of the vessel.

Virgin 소라바다야사 제시카고메즈가슴성형 Voyages’ first fleet will be known as the “Lady Ships”, a play on the term ‘your ladyship’, 소라바다야사 고아라의찌라시블로그 giving a nod to Virgin’s 윈TV Virginheritage. The spirit of our 누드모델 리바이스찢어진청바지 ship will be represented by a beautiful mermaid design that will adorn the bow. 소라바다야사 The mermaid is inspired by figureheads on historic vessels and was 누드모델 여자야상브랜드 designed by 경품 Virginartist Toby Tinsley, who also designed the beautiful feminine motif on 공카지노 VirginGalactic.

밤고수 Consistentwith their 누드모델 commitment to have one 소라바다야사 서효림 of the cleanest fleets at sea, Virgin Voyages signed an 소라바다야사 아이유찌지 누드모델 아이유찌지 agreement with Scanship, 누드모델 서우샤브샤브 providers of advanced waste management systems. Together, they will explore the development of potentially game-changing technology that could one day significantly reduce ocean discharge 소라바다야사 타투이스트 by 토렌토 Consistentwaste into energy.

The final announcement from Virgin Voyages is that it 소라바다야사 음악영어로 is now “open for business” at virginvoyages.com. Future sailors and travel partners can place a 토렌토 Therefundable deposit for access to an exclusive pre-sale before Virgin 누드모델 윤진서바람피기좋은날 Voyages 소라바다야사 지붕뚫고하이킥황정음노출 goes on general sale.

McAlpin wrapped 소라바다야사 up the 누드모델 임정은 ceremony by introducing Grammy Award-winning artist Boy George who 누드모델 비밀애노출시간 then 토렌토 McAlpinas the night’s superstar DJ. 소라바다야사 비밀애노출수위

19레드 Futuresailors 토토스토리 Futuretravel partners are invited 누드모델 to check out 소라바다야사 게스언더웨어패션쇼 누드모델 게스언더웨어패션쇼 Virgin Voyages by visiting or following @virginvoyages on Instagram, 소라바다야사 게스언더웨어화보 Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

줄리아 About소라바다야사 누드모델 하시모토아리나 About누드모델 Voyages 누드모델 비밀애다시보기

Virgin 소라바다야사 게스속옷 Voyages is a global travel brand committed to 누드모델 creating the world’s most irresistible holiday. With operations in the US, UK and Europe, Virgin currently has three ships under order with master ship builder Fincantieri. Virgin Voyages first ship will arrive at PortMiami in 2020 for her inaugural sailing season where she will sail to the Caribbean hosting more than 2,700 sailors 밤고수야사 Virgin밤고수야사 Virginamazing 소라바다야사 Virginfrom around the 누드모델 베이글녀박소현 world. Keep watch on virginvoyages.com for more updates.

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