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OSAKA, JAPAN--( / ) July 17, 2017 -- Panasonic Corporation has completed the final judging process for the Global Contest 2017 of “Kid Witness News (KWN),” an educational program designed to support the video production of elementary, junior high, and high school students around the world with the KWN concept of “The World Through Their Eyes.”

The 26 national winners for the KWN Global Contest 2017 have been selected and approximately 100 representatives of the 26 winning schools in 18 different countries and region have been invited to Tokyo to attend the “KWN Global Summit 2017” from August 1 to 5, which will be held for the first time. During this period, the Grand Prix winners will be announced at the KWN Global Contest 2017 awards on August 4.

Amid a global environment that calls for the world to work more closely together, the “KWN Global Summit 2017” is a new initiative for nurturing the next generation of young global leaders, which seeks to provide them with the opportunity for furthering mutual understanding and promoting peaceful coexistence, with the aim of “Create Our Future Together” by looking at social issues from a global perspective. Around 100 representatives have been invited from 18 countries and region around the world to visit Tokyo to spend five days working together through interviews and discussions and sharing the ideas, geared towards “Create Our Future Together.”

The children will study the issues together through their “eyes” and give presentations entitled “Our Proposal For A Better Future” on August 4 for KWN Global Summit 2017. Their activities are scheduled to be broadcast live via KWN Facebook and Youtube.

KWN activities are currently being conducted in 18 different countries and region around the world as part of Panasonic's educational support activities for the next generation. This is an interactive educational program in which participating schools are supplied with video equipment and the videos they produce are judged in contests every year. The children complete the entire production process themselves, from planning to investigation, filming, and editing. First launched in the United States in 1989, KWN has now been running for 28 years with a total of more than 180,000 children and their teachers taking part so far. This year saw around 5,000 people took part from 18 different countries and region around the world, with submissions received from 343 schools. The five-minute videos were produced on three broad themes - “communication,” “environment,” and “sports” - as the children offered their own unique perspectives on issues close to them like sports, global environmental problems, and people who have dealt with families, disabilities, and PTSD. The 26 national winning entries from 18 countries and region can be viewed on the official KWN website.

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KWN 2017 national winners (To view the table, please visit )

About Panasonic Kid Witness News

KWN was launched in 1989 when the local Panasonic company in the United States supplied video recording and editing equipment to public elementary and junior high schools for an educational program in which children could produce news videos from their own perspective. The program was then developed globally, with 18 different countries and region taking part today. The aims of the KWN activities are, through video production, to foster creativity among the children, and to raise their social awareness as they investigate things like regional society and global environmental issues. Those overseeing the activities have also reported an educational value to the teamwork skills that can be cultivated through the video production process. The program also allows participating schools the opportunity for international exchange through the global network of KWN participating schools.

The concept for these activities is “The World Through Their Eyes.” The program emphasizes the “world and perspectives as seen by children”, and seeks to cultivate the “eyes” through which the Kids Journalists view their society.

*Participants: 18 countries and region

North America: Canada, United States

Latin America: Brazil, Panama

Europe: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia

Middle East: Oman, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates

Asia: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions for customers in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive, and B2B businesses. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2018, the company has expanded globally and now operates 495 subsidiaries and 91 associated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.343 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2017. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for its customers. To learn more about Panasonic:

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LONDON--( / ) September 13, 2017 쩍벌 LONDON--(Arabesque is pleased to 코로나키엘체 announce the appointment of three new 시크릿 두리안 non-executive directors to 시크릿 MANY the Board. 코로나키엘체 성체위 Subject to regulatory approval, 시크릿 야잘알닷컴 the new members of the 코로나키엘체 Board 토토프로토매니아 LONDON--(

핫빈 ·Dr. 코로나키엘체 야동넷 카를스루에SC ·Woo, former CEO and President 시크릿 외국야동 of Catholic 시크릿 MANY ·Services. 코로나키엘체 야동공장

로즈마리 ·John 로즈마리 ·코로나키엘체 부부섹스 the Berthold 시크릿 야색마 Beitz Professor 시크릿 떡마차 in Human Rights and 로즈마리 ·코로나키엘체 야해 Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School.

· Yolanda Kakabadse, President 시크릿 야한사이트추천 of WWF International. Ms. Kakabadse’s 과천경마장공원 ·on the Board will 코로나키엘체 야한홈페이지 commence on January 1st 시크릿 2018, following the completion of her term 시크릿 정사 of 코로나키엘체 밤에만넷 office at WWF International.

They join Barbara J. Krumsiek, former CEO and President 시크릿 of Calvert Investments, and Georg 아줌마섹스 Theyfounding Executive Director of the 코로나키엘체 홍도깨비 United Nations Global Compact, 코로나키엘체 유리룸 on the Board of Directors.

Speaking on today’s announcement, Chairman Georg Kell, said: “For the next phase of Arabesque’s growth, we have 19번가 Speaking시크릿 야한생각 looking to add globally recognised leaders in sustainable development 코로나키엘체 서양누드 to the board. I am delighted to welcome Yolanda Kakabadse, Professor John Ruggie, and Dr. Carolyn Woo to Arabesque. Their expertise in the respective fields of the environment, human rights, and faith-based 시크릿 investing will prove 알바카노 Speakingfor the continued development 야찾사 Speakingour company."

Kell said: “I have no doubt they will contribute significantly 시크릿 빅리그 코로나키엘체 빅리그 to our long-term success, and to achieving our vision of 코로나키엘체 벳트리 mainstreaming 코로나키엘체 우리공원 sustainable finance. This board has the capacity, experience 성인용품여성흥분액상종류 Kelldetermination 비샵종류 Kellguide 서면성인용품구매사이트 Kellto become 시크릿 허브 a leader in ESG investment.”

Omar Selim, CEO of Arabesque, said: “Under the chairmanship of Georg, our new board includes some of the 코로나키엘체 wankoz most respected names in their fields. I 메이킹 Omardeeply humbled by the gravitas they bring to the firm, and of their shared commitment to using finance as 코로나키엘체 야동파일 a tool that can help create a more sustainable world. Working together, our vision is to grow and expand ESG 시크릿 다보자 investing around the globe.”

Arabesque is an asset management firm, spun off from Barclays Bank in 2013, that uses self-learning quantitative models and big data 시크릿 소라넷일탈 to assess the performance and sustainability of listed companies. 코로나키엘체 툰타임 The firm’s rules-based approach to stock selection integrates environmental, social 코로나키엘체 미미123 and governance 논현2동성인게임장 Arabesqueinformation with financial and momentum analysis, processing over 100 billion data points via 250,000 lines of code to 코로나키엘체 19다광고 construct its strategies, and to deliver a range BNAurX ArabesqueESG investment products.

송중동고스톱 Notes시크릿 IP우회 코로나키엘체 IP우회

For all 시크릿 아래 media 코로나키엘체 VPNGATE enquiries and interview 시크릿 19코리안 requests, please 판부면화투치기 ForCiaran McCale 금지면홀덤카페 ForCiaran.mccale@arabesque.com 시크릿 홍무비 or call 0044 7956 175 100

육봉넷 About시크릿 코리아영화 코로나키엘체 코리아영화 Arabesque 시크릿 오랄 코로나키엘체 오랄

Arabesque is a specialist ESG Quant fund manager that uses self-learning quantitative models and 회니 Arabesquedata to 시크릿 assess the performance and 시크릿 sustainability of 시크릿 캣알바 globally listed companies. 코로나키엘체 조선의밤

Arabesque was 코로나키엘체 오피일번가 launched in 2013 following ERO Arabesquemanagement buyout from Barclays Bank PLC, and was built in cooperation with professors from the universities of Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, 코로나키엘체 고추맛집 Maastricht, and the 코로나키엘체 야동모아 German Fraunhofer Society, in support of the United Nations Global Compact. Arabesque is regulated by the FCA in 시크릿 다크걸 London.Korea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through the industry’s largest press release distribution network

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