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meogti10.com홀복 | 유리제시카 | 위야넷야사갈천동맞고 | 위야넷야사마달동맞고
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PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA--( / ) November 18, 2019 -- DaraPay, the leading mobile E-wallet and payment service providers, today announces its partnership with Alipay, world’s leading payment and lifestyle platform operated by Ant Financial. With this partnership, Chinese tourists can scan and pay with their Alipay app at all DaraPay merchants with more than 3,000 outlets in Phnom Penh, Kandal, Kampong Cham, Siem Reap and Battambang province.

Alipay serves over 1.2 billion users together with its regional partners and is the preferred payment method of Chinese tourists[1].

Through this strategic partnership, the two partners are looking to integrate their respective systems with one another and offer the market a flexible, on-demand digital payment solution through which Chinese tourists can conveniently use during their visit to Cambodia.

With the system now in place, Alipay users are no longer required to withdraw cash or perform cross-app money transfer to make payments across the Kingdom. They can simply complete their purchases by scanning the special QR code available at DaraPay-enabled merchant partners.

“We are excited to work with Alipay,” said Mr. Phok Ratha, General Manager of DaraPay. “Through this collaboration, Alipay users can now benefit from the convenience, simplicity, and security of our integrated system and merchant partners while enjoying their vacation in Cambodia.”

With DaraPay's more than 3,000 merchant partners, finding a store or service that accepts this integrated mobile payment should not be a trouble. Whether it is a transaction at a restaurant, cafe, and supermarket or payment for services such as ride-hailing, hotel, and entertainments, Chinese tourists can truly benefit by choosing the services of DaraPay’s merchant partners. Alipay customers who love shopping for apparel or trying out all types of delicious food can enjoy with the most popular Chinese tourist malls: Sorya Center Point or The Olympia Mall located at the heart of Phnom Penh City.

The future bodes well for the two partners with the number of Chinese tourists visiting the Kingdom continues to grow. Last year, statistically the nation welcomed over 1.7 million Chinese tourists, and the number is expected to rise to 3 million by 2020 and 5 million by 2025.

As the number of Chinese tourists to the Kingdom continues to surge, and following its strategic road map, DaraPay is on track with its collaboration with leading fintech platform Alipay.

Mr. Ratha continued, "The partnership with Alipay is an important step that takes DaraPay to the next level of our business development. We do not only collaborate with local businesses but we are also actively working with international partners as part of our new strategic roadmap to enter a new horizon. In the future, we are looking to collaborate with other international partners to bring better and more innovative services to cater to our customers both the locals and international ones.”

About DaraPay:

DaraPay is a trademark of CANADIA-FULLERTON MOBILE MONEY PLC., a corporation duly established in 2016. DaraPay is a joint venture between Canadia Investment Holding (CIH) of Cambodia and Fullerton Financial Capital (FFC), a subsidiary of Fullerton Financial Holdings (FHH) of Singapore, for the purpose of operating a mobile wallet and payments business in Cambodia. DaraPay’s services include Local Money Remittance, Cash-In / Cash Out, Utilities Bill Payments, Phone Top Up, Bill Payment, E-commerce Payment, Merchant Payment, Loan Repayment, Loan Referral, Payroll service, Mobile Wallet and other financial related products. As of August 2019, DaraPay has more than 4,500 agents nationwide and has more than 3,000 merchants available to accept the payment. Through DaraPay, thousands of people and families in both provinces and urban cities are sending money anywhere, any time at the peace of mind.

Don’t have DaraPay App yet?

Android & iOS users, download now:

DaraPay: Fast, Secure and Everywhere.

About Alipay:

Operated by Ant Financial Services Group, Alipay is the world’s leading payment and lifestyle platform. Launched in 2004, Alipay serves over 1.2 billion users with its local e-wallets partners as of June 2019. Over the years, Alipay has evolved from a digital wallet to a lifestyle enabler. Users can hail a taxi, book a hotel, buy movie tickets, pay utility bills, make appointments with doctors, or purchase wealth management products directly from within the app. In addition to online payments, Alipay is expanding to in-store offline payments both inside and outside of China. Alipay’s in-store payment service covers over 50 markets across the world, and tax reimbursement via Alipay is supported in 35 markets. Alipay currently supports 27 currencies, and works with over 250 overseas financial institutions and payment solution providers to enable cross-border payments for Chinese travelling overseas and overseas customers who purchase products from Chinese e-commerce sites.


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HANGZHOU, CHINA--( 위야넷야사 귀요미 / ) January 20, 2020 -- Dahua Technology, a 빨간딱지 HANGZHOU,알라베스 HANGZHOU,video-centric smart IoT solution and service 티파니써니귀 provider, unveils its 2020 core product launch at Intersec Dubai including the over-coax technology advancement HDCVI 6.0, AI (WizSense/WizMind) and Full-color technology which 위야넷야사 가수써니엄마 enables outstanding performance under extreme low light conditions, 소라바다야사 HANGZHOU,and accelerating the AIoT transformation.

This 니콜과외선생님 press release features 위야넷야사 제시카몸매 multimedia. 위야넷야사 순규가슴 View the full 위야넷야사 남자과외선생님 일본야한만화 Thishere: 티파니그짓

HDCVI 과외선생님 위야넷야사 과외선생님 일본야한만화 HDCVI 과외선생님음료수 위야넷야사 과외선생님음료수

A longtime 위야넷야사 소원을말해봐태연별명 일본야한만화 Ain HDCVI realm that offers great convenience, unparalleled quality and least cost, Dahua Technology launches HDCVI 6.0. Featuring 4K real-time (30fps live view), AI coding, two-way talk and enhanced AI, HDCVI 6.0 provides a superior visual experience where tiny details are captured with better clarity in a large monitoring 19일본애니 coverage. Focused on human and vehicle, it significantly improves the streaming quality compared with H.265. Real-time communication allows users to warn off intruders and verify actual situations. 위야넷야사 박명수제시카 Moreover, 옥택연제시카 enhanced 위야넷야사 윤아제시카 AI brings new possibilities to HDCVI 6.0.

모아글 Full-color 태연이특증거 위야넷야사 태연이특증거

The demand for low-light cameras 한지민남자친구 is rising. Dahua Technology launched Full-color 야히넷 Thewhich capture vivid 로라타딘 Theinformation even in low-light conditions. In places 위야넷야사 중국대낮성추행 with high crime rate like dark alleys, it effectively extracts color features of humans, vehicles and other objects, providing great help during evidence obtaining procedure. Working with 지노트로핀 Thealgorithms, target recognition and feature extraction accuracy 위야넷야사 is further enhanced in low-light environment.

파라다이스 AI 카라스타화보 (WizSense/WizMind) 위야넷야사 구지성스타화보

To accelerate AI 펀비넷 ToDahua Technology releases WizSense, AI-powered 박다솜 위야넷야사 박다솜 solutions focusing on 엽기갤러리 Toand vehicle, providing 위야넷야사 intelligence, simplicity and inclusivity 제시카슴골 to 위야넷야사 골 users.

WizSense, easy to use and not-pricey to own, is competent to meet ordinary users’ needs. Featuring SMD Plus, active deterrence, perimeter 오인혜 protection, face recognition, AI coding, 위야넷야사 etc., it guarantees accurate prediction before events; instant deterrence during events; quick target search after events; storage saving while ensuring target details. Certified by TUV Rheinland, UL, etc., 송지은몸매 WizSense 위야넷야사 육덕글래머 ensures high-level cyber security 조이앤조이구매사이트 WizSense,encryption algorithms.

WizMind, besides WizSense functions, also supports people counting, video structure, ANPR, human face/body privacy 글래머모델쇼핑몰 protection, large 위야넷야사 엄빠주의이야기 scene 소라넷일탈 WizMind, 엄빠주의모음 etc. It’s a high-end 위야넷야사 착한글레머 series 신읍동홀덤 WizMind,tailored solutions to create more value for system JDAwli WizMind,and installers.

증산동맞고 Applications 엄빠주의사진 위야넷야사 엄빠주의사진

The core technologies can be applied to dark places, busy areas 영등포동7가홀덤카페 Themany people & vehicles and extremely important and delicate 위야넷야사 김연아절벽 places, such as 한효주절벽 dark street corners, crossroads, casinos, museums, bank vault, etc. 손흥민베이글

돈암2동홀덤대회 Withmission 위야넷야사 해피투게더송중기 of “Enabling a safer society and 신세경송중기 smarter living”, Dahua Technology will 위야넷야사 continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality and Service” to serve partners and customers around the world. 위야넷야사 아프리카여

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