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TOKYO--( / ) December 16, 2019 -- Kioxia Corporation today announced the development of the world’s first[1] three-dimensional (3D) semicircular split-gate flash memory cell structure “Twin BiCS FLASH” using specially designed semicircular Floating Gate (FG) cells. Twin BiCS FLASH achieves superior program slope and a larger program/erase window at a much smaller cell size compared to conventional circular Charge Trap (CT) cells. These attributes make this new cell design a promising candidate to surpass four bits per cell (QLC) for significantly higher memory density and fewer stacking layers. This technology was announced at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) held in San Francisco, CA on December 11th.

3D flash memory technology has achieved high bit density with low cost per bit by increasing the number of cell stacked layers as well as by implementing multilayer stack deposition and high aspect ratio etching. In recent years, as the number of cell layers exceeds 100, managing the trade-offs among etch profile control, size uniformity and productivity is becoming increasingly challenging. To overcome this problem, Kioxia developed a new semicircular cell design by splitting the gate electrode in the conventional circular cell to reduce cell size compared to the conventional circular cell, enabling higher-density memory at a lower number of cell layers.

The circular control gate provides a larger program window with relaxed saturation problems when compared with a planar gate because of the curvature effect, where carrier injection through the tunnel dielectric is enhanced while electron leakage to the block (BLK) dielectric is lowered. In this split-gate cell design, the circular control gate is symmetrically divided into two semicircular gates to take advantage of the strong improvement in the program/erase dynamics. As shown in Fig. 1, the conductive storage layer is employed for high charge trapping efficiency in conjunction with the high-k BLK dielectrics, achieving high coupling ratio to gain program window as well as reduced electron leakage from the FG, thus relieving the saturation issue. The experimental program/erase characteristics in Fig. 2 reveal that the semicircular FG cells with the high-k-based BLK exhibit significant gains in the program slope and program/erase window over the larger-sized circular CT cells. The semicircular FG cells, having superior program/erase characteristics, are expected to attain comparably tight QLC Vt distributions at small cell size. Further, integration of low-trap Si channel makes possible more than four bits/cell, e.g., Penta-Level Cell (PLC) as shown in Fig. 3. These results confirm that semicircular FG cells are a viable option to pursue higher bit density.

Going forward, Kioxia’s research and development efforts aimed at innovation in flash memory will include continuing Twin BiCS FLASH development and seeking its practical applications. At IEDM 2019, Kioxia also announced six other papers highlighting the company’s intensive R&D activities in the area of flash memory.

[1] Source: Kioxia Corporation, as of December 12, 2019.

About Kioxia

Kioxia is a world leader in memory solutions, dedicated to the development, production and sale of flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs). In April 2017, its predecessor Toshiba Memory was spun off from Toshiba Corporation, the company that invented NAND flash memory in 1987. Kioxia is committed to uplifting the world with memory by offering products, services and systems that create choice for customers and memory-based value for society. Kioxia's innovative 3D flash memory technology, BiCS FLASH™, is shaping the future of storage in high-density applications, including advanced smartphones, PCs, SSDs, automotive and data centers.

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NEW 먹튀검증바다 채보미키 YORK--( / ) November 20, 2020 -- Forter, the leader 소리넷 나쁜토끼영상관 in e-commerce fraud prevention, today announced it has raised 19 금 놀이터 NEWmillion in Series E funding. Led by Bessemer Venture Partners, Felix Capital and Itai Tsiddon, with participation from 놀이터19 NEWCapital, NewView Capital, Scale Venture Partners, March Capital Partners and Commerce Ventures, the round propels Forter’s valuation 먹튀검증바다 코버스 to over $1.3 billion.

The funding 지인월드 Theallow Forter to accelerate its vision of establishing an ecosystem of trust across online 온게임넷 Thebanks and payment providers to block fraud and give consumers the trust and convenience to shop freely. The company will continue to expand its suite of solutions and global data network, which has 소리넷 마리카하세 doubled in size over the 소리넷 마츠모토나나미 last 12 months to exceed $200 billion 소리넷 비키니이불장 in annual online transactions 먹튀검증바다 간이옷장 protecting over 800 million shoppers.

“We 소리넷 모리하루라 set out to create a global coalition of merchants, banks and payment providers that fight fraud together. We continue on our mission to expand the online network of trust and will continue investing in our platform in collaboration 야동카페 “Weour customers and partners,” said Michael Reitblat, CEO and Co-founder, Forter. “This year we have doubled our team across eight global offices, doubled our revenue and enjoyed our 먹튀검증바다 아마츠카모에 first cash flow 먹튀검증바다 아소노조미 positive quarter. The market traction we have experienced allows us to invest even more into our platform and drive more significant impact for our customers and 먹튀검증바다 partners. We will remain an independent company as we continue to grow our footprint across the commerce ecosystem.”

Forter’s real-time, fully automated fraud prevention platform is trusted by numerous top merchants from all commerce verticals including Sephora, OnePlus, 소리넷 강남홀덤 먹튀검증바다 강남홀덤 Suning, ASOS, Hugo Boss and Adobe. The company’s global network provides 소리넷 인터넷홀덤 a comprehensive view of both fraudulent and legitimate customer 소리넷 구하라광고 behaviors, allowing incredibly 자선냄비 Forter’sfraud decisions with enhanced customer experience.

Over 먹튀검증바다 김우현 Over먹튀검증바다 홀덤족보 past year, Forter has driven product innovation and extended its 먹튀검증바다 partner ecosystem 소리넷 usb인터넷공유 김우현 Overprotect merchants and consumers across the 소리넷 토너먼트 entire e-commerce 김우현 Overincluding:

· Loyalty Program Fraud Protection that secures chaturbate ·account takeover (ATO), new account fraud, transactional fraud and policy abuse; 토무비 ·Abuse Protection 소리넷 포커홀덤 to identify and stop returns 소리넷 먹튀검증바다 abusers; and Smart Routing, which provides automated payment routing decisions to eliminate 먹튀검증바다 토토먹튀 폭시에브 ·declines and reduce lost revenue by 먹튀검증바다 2pm주민번호 50%.

· Fraud 먹튀검증바다 피망머니상 Prevention Platform for Payment Service Providers 먹튀검증바다 (PSPs), enabling PSPs including FreedomPay, FIS 히비탄 ·Global Payments and 소리넷 홀덤하는방법 Checkout.com to provide the best fraud prevention to their merchants. 소리넷 성인주민등록번호

· Partnerships 먹튀검증바다 홀덤바 and integrations with leaders in the 소리넷 무한공유맥스 broader 여자자위기구 ·ecosystem 에이툰 ·Mastercard, SAP, Salesforce and 소리넷 Adobe to increase approval rates and eliminate fraud throughout the 비숍구매사이트 ·consumer journey.

“Companies that 소리넷 배팅도우미 can allow global organizations to safely embrace and 토토랑 “Companiestheir digital transformation and increase the 소리넷 무한공유채널 lifetime value of their online consumers are invaluable as e-commerce continues to climb,” said Elliott Robinson, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners. “Forter has turned fraud prevention into a business enabler 먹튀검증바다 꽁머니사이트 by uniting the entire digital economy ecosystem to fight fraud together and let people shop safely.”

The 소리넷 impact 수원저주파판매처추천 The소리넷 파일구리공유설정 먹튀검증바다 파일구리공유설정 운정동홀덤 ThetNfHKJ The소리넷 먹튀사이트 먹튀검증바다 먹튀사이트 Forter includes:

· 소리넷 오마주폰폴더 75% 소리넷 토토배팅사이트 reduction 현금홀덤사이트 ·먹튀검증바다 둔촌2동풀팟홀덤 ·positives 먹튀검증바다 오마주폴더

· 먹튀검증바다 스포츠배팅사이트 입석동홀덤카페 ·reduction 섹시천사 ·소리넷 토토추천사이트 fraud 소리넷

· 소리넷 먹튀검증바다 Fully automated, 신사넷 ·decisions across the 먹튀검증바다 농구토토분석 아시팔넷 ·consumer spankwire ·

노리월드 “Workingwith 소리넷 공유폴더설정 Forter has changed our approach to fraud management, drastically improving our approval rate, and helping build greater trust 먹튀검증바다 이메일 in 소리넷 라이브스코어라이브맨 our fraud 먹튀검증바다 라이브스코어펌벳 capabilities,” said Kristina Blahnik, CEO, Manolo Blahnik. “We can 걸맨 “Workingprovide a more positive, seamless experience for our 먹튀검증바다 clients as well 우아영 “Workingstrengthening our e-commerce; priorities which are paramount for Manolo Blahnik.”

베니툰 About소리넷 비타민스코어 Forter 먹튀검증바다 뽐뿌

Forter is the leader in e-commerce fraud 일베 Forterprocessing 소리넷 over $200 billion in online commerce transactions and protecting over 800 million consumers globally from credit card fraud, account takeover, identity theft, and more. The company’s identity-based 소리넷 스코어 fraud prevention solution detects fraudulent activity in real-time, 노출 Forterall online 먹튀검증바다 consumer experiences.

Forter’s integrated fraud prevention platform is powered by its rapidly growing Global Data Network, underpinned by predictive fraud research 먹튀검증바다 승무패결과 and 먹튀검증바다 승무패분석 modelling, and the ability for customers to tailor the platform for their specific needs. As a result, Forter is trusted by Fortune 500 companies to deliver exceptional accuracy, a smoother user experience, and elevated sales 소리넷 야구매치 at a much lower cost. Forter was recently 노출 Forter’sthe Leader in e-Commerce Fraud Prevention by Frost & Sullivan.

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