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CHUNCHEON--() August 08, 2012 -- Medical equipment specialized manufacturer Votem Co., Ltd.(CEO Mun-Seok Kang, ) will to donate 100 million Won to Community Chest of Korea in order to perform its social responsibility through sharing.

Votem said, “We have decided to donate 100 million Won for 5 years, attending the signing ceremony for donation held at conference room of Gangwon-do provincial government building last July 23”.

Also, this led CEO Mun-Seok Kang to join ‘Honor Society’ which is the major donation club with more than 100 million Won donation.

Since established in 2007, CEO Kang has been joining in the diversity of donation activities to develop into the social enterprise after reaching the break-even point in 2011.

Votem donated 300,000 Won each month joining in the good store by Community Chest of Korea and then has added 1 million Won each month from this year. Then, Votem has been selected as ‘220th good store in Gangwon’ by supporting living costs to five families. Votem has regularly joined in UNICEF charity as well.

In addition, Votem has provided many employee benefits to employees notwithstanding the small company with 17 directors and employees to realize ‘the family-like company and helpful company’, which is the philosophy of Votem.

Votem employees can use five days of summer and winter holiday respectively besides annual leaves, and can have one day-off before and after Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) and Seollal (Korean New Year's Day). In addition, Votem pays 50,000 Won each month in the employee’s name for injury insurance as well as retirement pension insurance, and then provides 3 million Won of incentive in 5 years.

Then, Votem has been selected as ‘the best enterprise’ by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy for 2 years in row.

CEO Kang said “The donation to Community Chest of Korea will lead Votem to develop into the social enterprise actively. I want to deliver the sound donation culture through joining in the diversity of donation activities”.

Besides, Votem was designated as a promising small and medium business of Gangwon-do on the 20th day of last month. Votem was praised for the technology, product quality, efforts for technological innovation, contribution to economic vitalization, contribution to job creation and actual exports. (Inquiries: +82-33-910-0701)Votem to donate 100 million Won to Community Chest of Korea … Joined in ‘Honor Society’

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--( / ) May 06, 2015 -- 블랙티비TV Moving right into the 8th annual competition, the 2015 COMPUTEX d&i 블랙티비TV 부부상담클리닉 awards have expanded to become a key component 아이러브 가족상담 of COMPUTEX TAIPEI. Entries for this year’s awards continue to reflect the soaring interest from 아이러브 언냐닷컴 the design and 블랙티비TV 에펨코리아 innovation based ICT industry. This year’s competition attracted 271 텀블러야동검색 TAIPEI,from international manufacturers and newly established companies with breaking new ideas and innovations on smart products, making this event better than ever.

무료맞고 Sixjuries chose 72 winning products 아이러브 연예인누우드 and every 블랙티비TV 용품 product was just as amazing. This year, Philips Moda LCD Monitor with Ambiglow Plus Base brought a fresh colorful twist to lighting the home by adapting the monitor 아이러브 장옥정 for 온라인채팅 Six3D experience. Dell Inc. submitted an all new gaming PC-Alienware Area 51 that features the compelling Triad 블랙티비TV Chassis for state-of-the-art performance.

야잘알야사 Theadvent of wearable devices now extends from glasses and 아이러브 팩트스포 watches to rings, thanks to NFC enabled multi-function smart rings from 블랙티비TV UNION GENIUS COMPUTER. The 성인툰 Thering is chiefly 블랙티비TV made of top grade ceramic and though it appears like any other real piece of jewelry. But trust this ring to unlock secured gates, issue medical alerts and host different types of data. Wearable tech will never be 핫빈 Thesame!

Also winning the hearts of the jury was the fresh 블랙티비TV 밤전 on the market HTC One M9 smartphone that comes in an exquisite dual-tone, all 아이러브 한국인 metal body with an elegant jewelry grade brushed durable surface. The ASUS ZenFone2 focuses on performance and elegant concentric-circle design. ODiN 올스티비TV Alsopresents a whole new laser projection mouse without wiring interference.

Other winners 아이러브 남성갱년기 include Acer, ASUS, 블랙티비TV 가슴보형물종류 AIPTEK, ASROCK, Dell, Edimax, GIGABYTE, HTC, MSI, 블랙티비TV 나이트몰 Philips, Silicon Power, 아이러브 HPV예방접종 Thermaltake, UNION GENIUS COMPUTER, Unitech and many other 올스티비TV Otherbrands. 블랙티비TV

Winners 블랙티비TV 남성호르몬검사 of the 아이러브 awards are to be announced at a June 1st press conference 아이러브 and 올스티비TV Winnersof those 72 서울툰 Winners5 will be chosen for the Gold Awards that will be presented the following day at the COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2015 Opening Ceremony.

During the show, 아이러브 팔팔정50MG all COMPUTEX d&i awards winning products will be showcased at the 아이러브 음경길이 Taipei World Trade 블랙티비TV 쿠쿠티비 Center (TWTC) Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth #I0407. After that, these 야야방 Duringproducts will soon begin an all-year grand global tour to display at leading 아이러브 ICT exhibitions.

For further 아이러브 남성성기능장애의진단과치료 블랙티비TV 남성성기능장애의진단과치료 details, 아이러브 라이펜 블랙티비TV 라이펜 check out the official 투니팡 Forof 아이러브 테스토스테론수치 COMPUTEX 알라딘 For

Photos/Multimedia NBA메니아 Photos/MultimediaAvailable:Korea Newswire 아이러브 distributes NBA메니아 Photos/Multimedia블랙티비TV news across every media channels through the NBA메니아 Photos/Multimedialargest 아이러브 벅스토렌트 press 블랙티비TV 조이맥심 release distribution network

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