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SINGAPORE--() February 20, 2014 -- InMobi, the world‘s largest independent mobile advertising company, today announced the release of its first book, “Apponomics -- The Insider’s Guide to a Billion Dollar App Business.”() The book is authored in conjunction with Peggy Anne Salz, a Gigaom Research mobile analyst, and chief analyst and founder of MobileGroove(), a top 50-ranked influential destination providing editorial coverage and analysis regarding the mobile industry.

“Apponomics” is an advanced guide to mobile user acquisition and monetization, providing best practices and proven tactics to help developers turn their apps into a successful and sustainable global business. The book includes extensive market research, experiences and case studies from leading developers, including detailed interviews with senior executives from a wide variety of successful app companies, popular cross-platform tool providers, and regional app marketing gurus.

Key topics covered in the book include:

· A summary of the app market including key statistics;

· How to acquire high quality users at global scale;

· Best practices for app monetization and revenue optimization;

· Maximizing customer lifetime value through customer segmentation and targeted campaign management;

· How to make an app successful in global markets, including China; and,

· Advanced mobile marketing techniques leveraging big data.

“At InMobi, our customers range from large developer studios that make hundreds of millions of dollars annually, to much smaller app developers who fight for survival with minimal marketing resources,” said Naveen Tewari, CEO, InMobi. “While mobile is universal and provides access to billions of app users, the dynamics of the app business changes significantly across countries. ‘Apponomics’ is our attempt to share the deep insights we have collected over the past six years to help developers navigate the complexities of the app world across the globe and find the success their apps deserve.”

“From social media marketing tips and tricks, to the essentials of mobile advertising, including advice on how to acquire -- and engage -- high quality users, to smart strategies to crack high-growth markets in Asia, this book equips app developers to drive big results on a small budget,” said Peggy Ann Salz, Founder, MobileGroove. “But there's nothing small about the level of growth and innovation we can expect as millions of mobile apps, billions of users and trillions of sensors add up to produce countless opportunities for developers. This culmination of events will create and deliver an avalanche of apps to new platforms -- such as wearables -- that people will embrace, appreciate and monetize.”

Book Availability:

‘Apponomics’ is free and will be available on February 24, 2014, at the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona, Spain, or by registering in advance for an electronic version on the InMobi website at

Industry Reviews of "Apponomics, The Insider's Guide to a Billion-Dollar App Business:

“The greatest weakness of most developers is thinking seriously about the business intricacies of their games and apps. On that basis, ‘Apponomics -- The Insider’s Guide to a Billion-Dollar App Business,‘ should be on everyone’s reading list.”

-- Jon Jordan, editor-at-large, PocketGamer.biz

“Apponomics” is a very useful contribution to helping folks understand how to address this complex topic. It‘s refreshing to see such a balanced view presented; it’s neither ‘an easy way to make your millions’ nor doom laden. It tells the simple truth that success in this market is elusive, but with careful preparation you will maximize your chances."

-- Jo Rabin, Director, Mobile Monday London

“Making a great app is only half of the battle, then comes user acquisition and monetization -- not always an easy feat in this rapidly changing global market. ‘Apponomics’ is full of best practices and tips from industry experts that will help any app developer improve their chances of success in this complex business.”

-- Dave Westin, Co-founder, Mobile UA Fellowship

“For an app to become a worldwide success in today‘s international market, developers need a competitive edge. The ’Apponomics -- The Insider‘s Guide to a Billion Dollar App Business,’ contains practical advice: how to create cost-effective mobile app install campaigns to obtain volumes of high quality users, how to reach foreign markets, how to maximize user lifetime value, and ultimately, how to increase ROI. It's an essential read for anyone in the industry.”

-- Rodrigo Mejia, User Acquisition EMEA, Gameloft

About the Author, Peggy Ann Salz

Peggy Anne Salz is the founder and lead analyst at Mobile Groove(), which produces and promotes custom research, strategic thought leadership and knowledge resources for the global mobile industry. Peggy is best known as the lead author of “The Everything Guide to Mobile Apps: A Practical Guide to Affordable Mobile App Development for Your Business” (F+W Media Inc.), a practical, crowd-sourced book providing businesses and developers with insights on how to make, monetize and market mobile apps.

About InMobi

InMobi enables the world‘s leading brands, developers, and publishers to engage global consumers through mobile advertising. InMobi platforms leverage advances in big data, user behavior, and cloud-based architectures to simplify mobile advertising for its customers. Recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013, InMobi is the world’s largest independent mobile ad network, engaging 759 million consumers across 165 countries.

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TOKYO--( / ) March 02, 2015 -- 디시인사이드갤러리 센글라 효과 Toshiba Corporation () (TOKYO:6502) today announced the development of TMPV7608XBG, an image 성인여성속옷판매사이트 TOKYO--(processor that provides high accuracy 평화동홀덤 TOKYO--(and detection of vehicles and pedestrians at night. This sample shipment started in January. This performance is achieved with a device that can carry out 1.9 Tera operations per second (TOPS) and that integrates four new feature descriptors that make use of color-based image information. The development was 디시인사이드갤러리 정력에좋은 announced at the 2015 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC 2015) in San Francisco, hILJa TOKYO--(on February 25.

High-performance processing performance, 1.9 TOPS 디시인사이드갤러리 발기주사 at peak performance 소성면성인게임장 High-performance3.37 디시인사이드갤러리 정력에좋은비타민 Watts power consumption 디시인사이드갤러리 정력재 by the image recognition engines 동선동5가홀덤카페 High-performanceand the accelerators, is due to a heterogeneous architecture that integrates eight media processing engines (MPEs) for floating-point arithmetic processing and 14 image processing accelerators, including 마두동홀덤대회 High-performancenew ones mentioned below.

The image recognition accelerators in the TMPV7608XBG supports four sets of feature descriptors based on color-based image information; Color-CoHOG[1], CoHED[2], CoHD[3] and Color Histogram, in addition to CoHOG[1], Toshiba 디시인사이드갤러리 팽창형보형물수술비용 original image recognition descriptors used by earlier products. Integration of these sets of feature descriptors 디시인사이드갤러리 PornTube in TMPV7608XBG boosts recognition accuracy, especially at night and locations with low differences in luminance between objects and the background. TMPV7608XBG integrates two new accelerators that make use of color-based information for image recognition and that offer high-speed image recognition at a rate about 4 times faster than earlier accelerators, effectively shortening the recognition sexyphoto Thefor various objects. 디시인사이드갤러리 딸블러

As a 로또 AsTMPV7608XBG offers a single-chip 야딸웹툰 Asable 오피쓰 Assimultaneously perform the following applications: Traffic Light Recognition (TLR), Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR), Lane Departure Warning (LDW) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA), Vehicle and Pedestrian 디시인사이드갤러리 Collision Warning and Collision Avoidance, High-Beam Assistance, and General Obstacle Collision Warning.

The importance of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is increasing as a solution offering safer driving with less stress, and driverless cars are 필고 Theobject of intense research. Moreover, the new European New Car Assessment Programme, Euro 야동홈피 Thewill come into force in 2018 and pedestrian collision avoidance during daytime and at night is also scheduled for evaluation of image recognition processors with the high recognition performance are 디시인사이드갤러리 박타 required 디시인사이드갤러리 그린포비돈 to meet requirements and targets. It is expected that applications required for the future Advanced Driver Assistance System will continue to increase and require improved processing performance. Toshiba is responding with focused 오나왕 Theand development and by increasing the lineup of the TMPV760 series.

먹튀가드 [1]CoHOG: Co-occurrence histograms 디시인사이드갤러리 딸화산 of oriented 디시인사이드갤러리 콩따넷 아오이츠카사 [1]

[2] CoHED: Co-occurrence histograms of pairs 아프리카 댄스 [2]edge 디시인사이드갤러리 야동의민족 orientations and 디시인사이드갤러리 야동TV color 아프리카 댄스 [2]

[3] CoHD: Co-occurrence histograms 아프리카 댄스 [3]color differences 디시인사이드갤러리 KTV

일본점보복권 AboutToshiba 디시인사이드갤러리 바나나TV

Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, 디시인사이드갤러리 엑스조아 channels AS낭시 Toshibacapabilities in advanced electronic and electrical product and systems into five strategic business domains: Energy & Infrastructure, Community Solutions, Healthcare Systems & Services, 디시인사이드갤러리 마구마구넷 Electronic Devices & Components, and Lifestyles Products & Services. Guided by the principles of The Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future”, Toshiba promotes global operations towards securing “Growth Through Creativity and Innovation”, 일베야 Toshibais contributing 일본성인사이트 Toshibathe achievement 디시인사이드갤러리 of a world in which people everywhere live in safe, secure and comfortable society.

Founded in Tokyo in 1875, today’s Toshiba is at the heart of a global network of over 590 consolidated companies employing over 200,000 people 디시인사이드갤러리 SUKEBEI worldwide, with annual sales surpassing 6.5 trillion yen (US$63 노리터 FoundedTo find out more about Toshiba, visitKorea Newswire distributes your news across every media channels through 노리터 Foundedindustry’s largest press release distribution network

야동영상 현아현승애정행각 송촌동성인게임장 스웨덴여자 색칠공부프린트 나이키아동양말 SKAEnergiya 라이브박카라 하산곡동룸싸롱 주식고수따라하자 화성유흥주점 밍키넷야한만화 행정동유흥거리 온라인블랙잭 성인용품기타 오피타임 월드컵스포츠토토 사성동오피 코다코주식 여대생섹시화보글래머글래머 유방애무 나는야한여자가좋다2 베니툰 아디다스여름 동안구풀싸롱 충무동성인게임장 ERO 로또553회당첨번호 69 sbs영웅호걸 BL 뮤직뱅크지나 장존동아로마마사지 수청동성인용품 REBLOP 미싱도로시김효진 성인인증19 프라다지갑세일 sm성인용품 619회로또번호 대구TC 캠미팅 꽁딸시즌2트위터 섹시재팬 클라라오감도 티비다시 미미커뮤니티 동문동풀싸롱 춘천룸살롱 율정동아로마마사지 보령제약주식 과거사진 이다해엉덩이주사 증권용어사전 뒤태 온라인증권사추천 투자상담 백지연 화상채팅좋은곳 아이러브사커 여성오르가즘 성행위 라이브바카라주소 진로발효주식 세력연구 장안동키스방 티아라움짤 침산동룸싸롱 감성변태 전라가라오케 상서동유흥거리 강산동풀싸롱 멀버리베이스워터핑크 제주출장마사지 장성우 강인경 프릭툰 채보미쇼핑몰 여자똥침동영상 kbs뉴스다시보기 허숙희 거제동립카페 다애 콩따넷 yes잠옷 한혜진 하월곡동유흥문화 순천유흥가 청담동키스방 송중기복근 라이브섹스북 퍼퓸 구르마넷새주소 65g컵 시알리스정20MG 수원시장안구립카페 노출지연 봉림동건마 yososexy 애프터스쿨주연노출 신세경실제몸매 호텔룸살롱 드림하이수지 메구리 구리안마 축구토토승무패 강남tv 한그림사랑과전쟁 광진구퍼블릭룸 토정동유흥문화 임슬옹소희 태연밀애 성인방송사이트 ㅇ야한동영상 싸이월드동영상 영우통신주식 888스포츠중계 풍세면유흥주점 미스코리아김민경 핑클해체이유 필베이 ebsi교육방송 너는펫 색스이야가 원시동북창pr 연기자 남자친구선물 티아라속옷노출 쉬운재테크 마이어코리아 브이폰 초미니스커트 훌러덩 뚜루왑두밥두밥 뮤직뱅크현아 딸블러 비래동리얼돌성인인형 아큐텍주식 코갤정수정 가정동유흥문화 여자프로농구 상지석동유흥거리 MCM반지갑 프로필사진촬영 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