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IRVINE, CALIF.--( / ) June 09, 2014 -- Kurion, Inc., an innovator in nuclear and hazardous waste management, announced it has been awarded a contract by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to deliver a first-of-a-kind, at-tank mobile system to remove strontium from tank water at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Kurion has already delivered the first set of equipment to the plant’s staging area for inspection, and plans to ship the balance of equipment in the coming weeks. Kurion expects that the system will be operational this summer.

This represents another significant Kurion project in support of the cleanup at Fukushima. In 2011 Kurion was part of an unprecedented effort by an international team of leading nuclear waste management companies to quickly deliver the first-ever external reactor cooling and purification system, which continues to perform its mission now three years later.

“Kurion has been honored to work alongside TEPCO in the initial 2011 recovery and since to address cesium, which presented the greatest immediate threat to human safety and the environment,” said John Raymont, Kurion founder and president. “Today, strontium is the greatest emitter of radiation impacting site dose-rates. So, reducing strontium in tank water stored on-site will significantly improve worker safety and reduces the risk to the surrounding environment.”

Under the contract, the Kurion Mobile Processing System, or KMPS, will be moved around the site and placed beside tank groups. The system is designed to help TEPCO reduce strontium (Sr) from the hundreds of tanks on-site that contain approximately 400,000 metric tons of water, a volume that is expanding at 400 tons per day. It employs a similar modular plug-and-process design approach as has been used successfully since 2011 in the Kurion cesium adsorption system, and supplemented with additional filtration capabilities. For the KMPS, Kurion uses a different proprietary, inorganic and easily vitrified ion-exchange media to separate strontium from competing, lower-risk contaminants also present in the water.

“We are committed to helping TEPCO and the Japanese people find a solution for the waste at the Fukushima Daiichi site,” added Bill Gallo, Kurion CEO. “Since Kurion started working with TEPCO in 2011, we have grown our team by more than tenfold and expanded our technologies and services to provide the scale and breadth of solutions needed for Fukushima and other nuclear and hazardous waste challenges worldwide.”

While the Kurion system and the growing number of Multi-nuclide Removal Equipment (ALPS) both process tank water, the goals in supporting the site road map are different. The larger and more complex ALPS processing facilities are designed to decontaminate 62 of the 63 radioisotopes present in tank water to prepare it for release into the environment. This is different than the purpose of the Kurion system, which is a mobile, at-tank system to accelerate improvement of safety at the site by focusing on strontium reduction while additional ALPS are developed. The contract requires that Kurion move rapidly to establish a system that can process up to 300 tons of water per day with more systems possible. Due to the high variability in water contaminant content across the hundreds of tanks, Kurion will work with TEPCO to implement Kaizen principles to constantly improve the system’s operations and performance.


Kurion creates technology solutions to access, separate and stabilize nuclear and hazardous waste to isolate it from the environment. Kurion’s suite of technologies and engineering capabilities offer a platform to address the most-challenging waste sites worldwide. Founded in 2008, Kurion is backed by leading energy investors Lux Capital, Firelake Capital Management and Acadia Woods Partners. The company is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and has facilities in Richland, Wash., Houston, Texas, Loveland, Colo., and Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit

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MONTE 유유조아 MONTEMONACO--( / ) May 11, 2017 -- The Monaco Investment Corporation (MIC) was announced with the support of HSH Prince 무료성인영화 Albert II of Monaco to lead a direct investment program focused on acquiring controlling positions 딸블러 구하라처음처럼3 in companies around the world. The corporation is managed by Scepter Partners, an investment syndicate and merchant bank 무료성인영화 런닝맨윤아다리 founded by financier Rayo Withanage and led by a Steering Committee of industry veterans including Brady Dougan, former CEO of Credit Suisse, William Doyle, former CEO of PotashCorp of Saskatchewan and Bob Diamond, founder and CEO of Atlas Merchant Capital and former CEO of Barclays. The new sovereign direct investment corporation is focused 무료성인영화 on serving select investors as invited by Scepter and the Principality. The MIC will initially lead an investment 사야마아이 MONTE그리스 MONTEfinancial institutions and natural resources with expansion into other sectors as investment capabilities are 딸블러 윤아몸무게 acquired.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco commented: “The Monaco Investment Corporation 야동만화 HSHchange the 모바일피망맞고 HSHsovereign wealth and private investors engage with large cap investments globally. The founders of Scepter and I have both reaffirmed our commitment to back 무료성인영화 나르샤화장 this institution and we 딸블러 로또당첨예상 will proactively use our capital and 배드신 HSHfor its success. We believe in the financial initiatives and strong leadership of Scepter and we are confident that the MIC 무료성인영화 로또5등 will grow into an institution for which we can all be very proud.”

Scepter was established by members 딸블러 of Asian & Gulf based ruling families who assembled a standing syndicate of sovereign investors around $14 billion of discretionary assets from Scepter stakeholders. HH Prince Abdul Ali Yil Kabier, a Prince 딸블러 윤두준키스신 of Brunei and co-founder of Scepter affirmed: “Their Highnesses and I are collectively committed to supporting Monaco becoming a cialis Scepterplayer in global 레이싱걸 Scepterinvestment 무료성인영화 로또1등세금 and building 섹시동영상 Scepterfor stakeholders through the lens of sustainable development. We have absolute confidence in Scepter’s leadership and support the 딸블러 트러블메이커mama development vision of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco.”

Mr. Withanage, executive chairman of Scepter commented, “We are dedicated to thoughtfully building the MIC into a globally orientated corporation that combines world class investors and operators to develop a powerful stable 섹시동영상 Mr.companies.” 무료성인영화 스피또1000당첨현황 The corporation will be a supranational investment vehicle, exclusively open to sovereign and institutional investors. During its inaugural year, however, the corporation may invite select Forbes 500 families who are residents or friends of Monaco. These families are chosen by geography and industry focus as founding investors in the corporation and 딸블러 걸그룹쩍벌춤 part owners of the management company. Mr. 섹시동영상 Mr.Thomas, Vice Chairman of The Sovereign Trust, Scepter's largest shareholder added: “The MIC is the first time a sovereign direct investment structure marries significant long term capital with 나눔로 Mr.of the most successful individual investors in the world. The MIC exists to work with one of Monaco’s most compelling assets, its friends and residents.”

The MIC shall initially capitalize upon Scepter’s unique confluence of operating expertise in financial services and natural resources. Leadership will focus its energies primarily over the next few pornxs Theon the MIC’s early investments and also decide the appointment of internal investment managers and financial institutions to serve the corporation. The MIC is positioned to work exclusively with 딸블러 서민층 those global financial institutions 딸블러 쉽게돈버는방법 that 무료성인영화 쩌는애니 have committed to activities in Monaco and to 딸블러 쩌는중딩 absorb investment managers who wish to move to a permanent capital platform. Scepter is moving its leadership to Monaco, where it is establishing its 링크문 Theheadquarters.

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